Partner Care Billing Manager

R Partner Care Billing Manager (Open)

Responsible for research, analysis, and processes related to partner billing in order to identify, correct, and prevent system or operational risks or issues with partner billings. Work cross-functionally with other departments to ensure all departments' controls over partner billings are properly implemented and executed.

Job Responsibilities

  • Performs analysis on the various components of Partner billing in order to identify any potential system or operational risks that could impact Partner billings.

  • Performs analysis to validate that partner contract requirements are properly implemented and operating as intended.

  • Provides business requirements for IT development projects that financially impact partner billing systems

  • Responsible for accuracy and completeness of partner billing adjustments and fees.

  • Works cross-functionally with other departments to ensure controls over partner billing are properly being implemented and executed.

  • Champion existing and new technologies with focus on partner billing process improvement and automation

  • Identify and implement processes to close process risk gaps

  • Perform other duties as required and assigned by manager and upper management.

  • Follow legal and company policies as directed.

  • Perform other duties as required and assigned by manager and upper management.

  • Follow legal policies as directed.

Job Requirements

  • Good balance of strategic thinking and operational execution

  • Ability to define problems

  • Ability to solve problems

  • Ability to analyze data

  • Ability to draw valid conclusions in a timely and accurate manner

  • Efficiently communicating results through the use of supporting tables, graphs, and presentation quality materials

  • Must demonstrate sound judgment and reasoning skills

  • Ability to prioritize and successfully manage multiple projects/deadlines simultaneously

  • Comfortable in technology-driven business environment

  • Demonstrated ability to work well in a team environment

  • Willingness and ability to work in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment.

  • 2-4 years' experience in accounting

  • 1-2 years' experience in project management or process improvement


  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel and other Office programs

  • Experience with Oracle e-Business Suite preferred


  • €‹BA/BS in Accounting, Finance, Business or related field

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