HRIS Analyst - Workday

R HRIS Analyst - Workday (Open)Job Summary

‚€‹The HRIS Analyst is responsible for the primary support of the HRIS system (Workday) and handles requests and user support. In addition, he/she manages assigned integrations between the HRIS System (Workday) and many data management.

Job Responsibilities

  • ‚€‹Act as a major contributor in system (Workday) implementation and upgrades.

  • May oversee the completion of projects, including planning, assigning, monitoring, and reviewing progress and accuracy of work and evaluating results.

  • Partner with HR groups to enable the effective use of core HR and integrated systems and workflow solutions.

  • Test and implement changes in the HRIS (Workday).

  • Maintain documentation and procedures for audit and tracking of tasks.

  • Collect, analyze, interpret, and distribute HRIS data for periodic reporting.

  • Troubleshoot problems, conduct work flow analysis and streamline processes to improve overall efficiency, and efficient use of technology.

  • Train end-users on new processes/functionality as needed. Help with the training of new users.

  • Prepare new reports from HRIS (Workday), and manipulate existing report variables in order to generate ad-hoc reports.

  • Responsible for data integrity and quality assurance of all data.

  • Acts as liaison for IT to the HR and Payroll departments.

  • Handle a multitude of assignments related to the HRIS demonstrating excellent organizational skills and flexibility.

  • Manage and participate in special projects and other duties as assigned.

  • Perform other duties as required and assigned by manager and upper management.

  • Follow legal policies as directed.

Job Requirements

  • ‚€‹Ability to exercise sound judgment, to work well under pressure, take initiative, be flexible, handle highly confidential information appropriately and have exceptional attention to detail.

  • Strong analytical, problem solving and interpersonal skills and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

  • Working knowledge of system integrations and integration techniques.

  • Experience with report writing software.

  • Excellent query and reporting analytical skills.

  • Strong written and verbal skills with the ability to write and maintain documentation.

  • Demonstrated project management & ability to work under pressure.

  • Demonstrated creative thinking skills.


  • ‚€‹5-10 years of experience with HRIS systems, ADP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, or Workday or Payroll systems.


  • ‚€‹Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Human Resources, Psychology, Business or another related discipline.

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