Software Developer II - Ireland

R Software Developer II - Ireland (Open)

The Software Developer will work closely with a dynamic team of developers who all share a common goal: building highly reliable systems that can handle huge loads.

Job Responsibilities


  • Review and document existing application code

  • Provide maintenance support and enhance performance to existing application code

  • Perform new application development including initial design and evaluation for work load to give an estimated work duration.

  • Code clean-up

  • Automation of development tasks

  • Interface with product owners for requirements gathering

  • Define functional design for requirements implementation

  • Write code and unit tests for each logic function

  • Critical systems development

  • Database structure definition

  • Integration with legacy data & applications

  • Provide support for test/production issues.‚€‹

  • Provide solutions for existing production performance issues.

  • Perform other duties as required and assigned by manager and upper management.

  • Follow legal policies as directed.

Job Requirements


  • Minimum 2 - 5 years of software development experience

  • Strong Java SE or Java EE skills (preferably with Java version 1.8) or equivalent OO language.

  • Strong analytical skills.

  • ‚€‹Proficiency in Object Oriented design and programming.

  • Experience with Project Management tool and Version Control tool such as Maven, Git and SVN.

  • Experience with Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tools such as Hibernate.

  • Experience using web presentation technologies such as Ajax, Javascript.

  • Proficiency with IDE-based development, especially in Eclipse or IntelliJ.

  • Experience with JMS queue, familiar with the usage for producers and consumers.

  • Proficiency building unit tests / integration tests using JUnit.

  • Strong database experience, preferably with Oracle 10g or later.

  • Strong sense of efficient and high performance for coding.

  • Experience building web services, preferably‚€‹ using the REST style.

  • Knowledge of data structures and algorithms

  • Highly proficient in understanding new technologies accomplishing projects goals successfully. Exceptionally well organized, strong work ethics and willingness to work hard to achieve employer objectives.

  • Team work and communication



  • Strong Linux/Unix skills.

  • Strong Java SE or Java EE.

  • Experience with Spring and Hibernate.

  • Experience with Maven, SVN/Git.

  • Experience with JMS.‚€‹

  • Experience with Design pattern like Service Locator, Business Delegate, Data Transfer Object, Factory, Abstract Factory, Data Access Objects, Decorator, Singleton

  • SQL


  • ‚€‹Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or Engineering or similar technical field or equivalent work experience

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