UX Designer - Email

R UX Designer - Email (Open)


Do you want to work on the highest revenue generating team at Overstock.com? Seeking a strong UX designer who is able to use knowledge about current trends and perform strategic research to differentiate Overstock's customer experience. Your work will be interacted with by millions of users and is instrumental in the continued growth and success of Overstock.com.

Job Responsibilities

  • Be the experience leader within the team and advocate on behalf of customers.

  • Conduct moderated user sessions to help influence design decisions.

  • Collaborate with many types of stakeholders to create successful experiences.

Job Requirements

  • Portfolio demonstrating your work experience and relevant, user-centered design solutions.

  • Ability to iterate quickly within an agile team.

  • Strong awareness of common usability methods and principles.

  • A clean sense of design aesthetics, and a natural inclination towards simplification over complication.

  • Familiarity with Sketch, Invision, and Adobe Suite.

  • Startup experience nice to have, small team big picture.

  • Expert on mobile design frameworks and platforms.

  • Experience working with common UX methodologies such as IA (Information Architecture) and JTBD (Jobs to be done), journey mapping, user flows and the hooked model.

  • Excitement about conversational user-centric marketing and up-to-date on current trends.


  • Bachelor's Degree in HCI or Marketing / Advertising preferred

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